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The purpose of the MADISONVILLE COMMUNITY COUNCIL is to enlist residents willing to work to maintain high community standards of health, housing, education, recreation, public safety and the general welfare of the community.  Madisonville Community Council is a non-sectarian and non-political organization. The Madisonville Community Council is the organization the City of Cincinnati Government recognizes as the “voice” of the community.

Membership—Residents may become members upon payment of dues.  A member shall be considered active and entitled to voting privileges four (4) weeks after payment of dues.  Dues are paid annually by calendar year. Membership is $5.00 for an individual and $25.00 for an  Organization  . Become a member and have a vote in the decision making process for your community.   Click on the appropriate Link Below to join on-line or download the mail in version under attachments. 

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Regular meetings of the Madisonville Community Council shall be held on the third Thursday of each month except August at the Madisonville Recreation Center located at 5320 Stewart Avenue.  Please contact the Council office at 561-9343 if you have any further questions.

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