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Crime Prevention & Safety

Folks in Madisonville are going to notice more people standing around on street corners this Friday.  But it won't be the usual crew!  Madisonville Good Guy Loitering starts Friday!  The Madisonville Community Council is excited about this new venture to help return a sense of family and community to street corners that need it so badly.

If you're unfamiliar, Good Guy Loitering is just a bunch of neighbors and friends hanging out on a street corner that has struggled with bad behavior. They get there before the bad behavior usually starts and hang out long enough so that those folks have to make other plans for the evening. It's not confrontational (in part, because the "bad guys" never show up and there isn't anyone to confront). There are grandparents, children, and pets that sit with us.  

We need your help to make it a success!  Bring you friends, your neighbors, a lawn chair, and get ready to take a stand by sitting down!

Here are the details:

Date:  Friday, July 16
Time:  8:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Place: Whetsel Ave & Bramble Ave