The Madisonville Community Council is a non-sectarian & non-political organization. The Madisonville Community Council is the organization the City of Cincinnati Government recognizes as the "voice" of the community.

Madisonville is a fast growing community. It is important for all residents to participate in meetings & community activities. Together, we can keep abreast of the things that are impacting our neighborhood, including but not limited to new housing, recreation & neighborhood activities, business development, crime prevention & safety, etc.
Your membership fee, your time & your commitment will benefit not only you but also the community at large. Please plan on becoming an active resident of the Madisonville community.
Membership - Residents may become members upon payment of dues. A member shall be considered active & entitled to voting privileges four (4) weeks after payment of dues. Dues are paid annually by calendar year.
Membership is $5.00 per individual. Become a member & have a vote in the decision process for your community.

The Council meets at 7:00 p.m. the third Thursday of every month (except in August) at the Madisonville Recreation Center. The Recreation Center is located at 5320 Stewart Rd. All meetings are open to the public. Madisonville residents, property owners & business owners are encouraged to participate in the community meetings & events. Attend a meeting today to find out how to take an active role & make a difference in your community!

Please contact the Council office if you should have any further questions or would like to become a member. Telephone: 513-601-8977. Email

Current Board Members are:


 President Luke Brokmeier
 Vice President    Bob Igoe
 Treasurer Mary C. Messman
 Corresponding Secretary Prencis Wilson

Committee Chairpersons
 Business & Economic Development Deborah Tolliver
 Bylaws Annie Beverly
 Cleanup & Beautification
 Joan Willis
 Communications (Newsletter & Website) Joan Willis
 Crime Prevention & Safety Julia Hare
 Education Ann Boland
 Youth Council Toni Tanks
 Housing Addie Hunter
 Membership Sandra Johnson
 Arts, Parks & Recreation Claren Eberhardt