Structurepoint Alternatives

These alternatives were commissioned by Madisonville Community Council for the design firm Structurepoint. The goal was to increase accessibility of Madison for traffic on Red Bank.

A note on 3-lane roundabouts: In these scenarios where three-lane roundabouts are presented, one design/build option would be for ODOT to acquire enough land to build a three-lane roundabout, but only to build the outer two lanes in a first phase.  Then, if traffic warranted it, later — during a second phase of construction --  ODOT could add an inner lane (the third lane) on the inside of the circular roundabout at a modest cost or about $500,000.   For motorists and the  community, the advantage in this scenario would be that two-lane roundabouts are easier to navigate and consume less land, so if the Route 32 relocation from Fairfax to Eastgate is never built, traffic on Red Bank Expressway may never reach the higher level that would require the third lanes to be added by ODOT.

1. At Grade Roundabouts

The main feature is a 3-lane level grade roundabout at the intersection of Madison and Red Bank. There is a level grade roundabout at the intersection of Red Bank Expressway and Duck Creek, which leads to a second level grade roundabout at the intersection of Duck Creek and Red Bank Road. This design is "at grade", meaning that there are no overpasses and the land will stay at its current height.

2. Interchange Roundabouts

There are two 2-lane "figure 8" grade-separated roundabouts that are overpasses above Red Bank Expressway. Red Bank runs two express lanes underneath both overpasses.

3. Roundabouts and Bypass

There are 3 2-lane grade-separated roundabouts in the same locations as in the first alternative. Bypass tunnels run underneath Madison and Duck Creek for express traffic on Red Bank.